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Amy and Baris do the “I do”


Amy and Baris met on E-Harmony but it wasn’t until they spoke on the phone that Amy realized that Baris was Turkish.  Baris claims he only kept the accent to get the girl… 🙂  They were both in university but knew they were destined to be together.  Cayman was an easy choice to say “I do”.  Joining them were their parents and Amy’s twin sisters – Baris’ parents flew all the way from Turkey!

Amy and Baris did not want to see each other before the wedding, but that did not stop them from having a special moment.The bridal party are spelling out Ohio – their hometown 🙂Baris’ dad stood up to say a few words and Baris was to translate, however he didn’t get past the first sentence – “To our new beautiful daughter…”

Acknowledging with great thanks:

Venue: Harbour Heights

Marriage Officer: Miss Joy – Simply Weddings

Flowers: The Flower Dell

Photographer: Rebecca Davidson

Videographer: Aaron RebarchekPicture This