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Valerie and Uli – Part 1- Cayman Castle Grand Cayman

I wanted to make a separate blog for Valerie and Uli’s wedding for the parents of the groom. Uli’s parents and family were all set to leave Germany for their son’s wedding but due to the volcano eruption and all the flight cancellations were stranded and not able to come to his wedding! Valerie text me to let me know that it was a turn in their wedding and a huge disappointment. With the help of the I.T. department at the Ritz and all coming together, Uli’s parents and family ‘sat’ in the back row (on a mac computer) via Skype!!! How cool is that! They didn’t miss a single second of the wedding and we could even hear them making comments during the ceremony all the way in Germany as their son said his vows to Valerie. After the Ceremony was over and a few speeches, Uli’s dad through Skype had everyone in tears as his heartfelt speech through the computer as seen here brought the house down. Thank goodness for technology!!!!