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Vanessa and Darren – Beach at London House

Vanessa and Darren were married at a condo on the Seven Mile Beach that has never lost its magical feel, London House!!! Wow check out the scenery of bent over palm trees, deep blue Caribbean ocean, the older archecture of the building, the gardens surrounding the place I didn’t want to leave there, the shooting possibilities are amazing!!! When Vanessa’s dad walked in to see her for the first time, he couldn’t speak. He started to cry right away, I looked over at her mum and she was ‘loosing the plot’ as we say! There was not a dry eye. Vanessa was stunning, her gown was amazing, her hair……. and her two gorgeous little brides maids!!! You can actually see Darren trying to see Vanessa as she walks down the aisle but he can’t see past the people! After the ceremony they went off on location to some great spots for some beautiful portraits, but my favourite is below of the two little girls in the palm tree! Their mum helped me get them up there and then it just all seems to fall into place. Then to the fabulous Luca for their reception. Notice how Vanessa was on to SKYPE with her best friend and auntie before the wedding so that they could be part of the day!

see below for a super fun slideshow with ROCKING music!