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Where on earth have you been…..?

I am so sorry I have not been able to blog for awhile, I know I have a couple of brides saying, “When are you blogging my wedding?” or “Please can you blog because my wedding is next month and I love looking at new ideas!”. Okay, so I am really sorry. I made promises to my clients from this summer that I wouldn’t even blog until I had finished all their albums and that has now happened this week! You guys have been so patient with me and giving me extra time to get them looking so great….. I know it will be worth it I am excited to see all the finished designs. Yewande and Janet and Vanessa you are next and I will finish you guys by next week PROMISE 🙂 .

We have had such an incredible summer with some amazing weddings I am bursting to show you. I had the fantastic opportunity to fly to Ireland for a gorgeous wedding in Tipperary, I can’t wait to show you that, and then we flew over to Cancun, Mexico for another great wedding and then flew back to Cayman for the night and then straight off to New York for an amazing wedding in the “CITY”. So I was in 4 different countries in less than 30 days shooting weddings. Our family decided to stay in Cayman for the summer holiday with the kids so we took off to Cayman Kai for a week for some much needed family time and then straight back to some amazing weddings, one which has just been published in Style Me Pretty TODAY…. stay tuned for that post.

So now that I am ‘on track’ -sort of (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) I will be blogging away and showing off these great weddings and what amazing clients I have had the privilege to work with and meet and spend time with and bond!!! Did I tell you guys that I love my job…..

Thanks so much for all your support and patience and all you incredible brides… and grooms (yes you know who you are!!!!)

xxx rebecca