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Caron & Dan | Owen Island – Little Cayman

Caron and Dan (two of ‘our own’ ;)) had a small Catholic ceremony in USA for their family that could not join their 80+ guests to Little Cayman for a fab wedding yes…on Owen Island. Owen Island is a small islet just off the south coast of Little Cayman, it does not have any permanent homes or buildings.

So they did it. They flew 80 people, some all the way from USA to Little Cayman, then it took 4 trips on a flat bottom boat to get everyone to Owen Island to be married.  Southern Cross Club actually built the sea ferry to transfer all of the guests. How awesome is that?!  Caron captained a separate boat to the island and walked down the aisle to meet her future hubby.  The ceremony was just gorgeous, and of course, there were tears!  These two literally tied the knot – love it!  Their bridal party was an absolute blast – check out the photos of them all on bicycles! 🙂 We had to ‘borrow’ the bikes from all of the resorts on the island pretty much, as most resorts only have about 3 or 4…and…well…we needed many more!!

I know it was a lot of hard work to pull this amazing wedding off but it was so worth it!  Remember Caron and Dan literally had to fly everything in…. makeup artist, hair stylist, cake, decor, photographer, videographers, marriage officiant and even the wooden aisle and their knives, forks etc!!  The lovely Stephanie Ford flew over to do Caron’s makeup and had to head back to Grand Cayman for another wedding and nearly missed her flight back!  They actually called Cayman Airways and begged them to hold the plane for her!  This is one of my most favourite first look…. check out Dan’s reaction! At the reception when Dan and Caron were doing their first dance to “She’s Royal” by Tarrus Riley after a few seconds everyone realized that Caron’s name was in the song. Dan had arranged for Tarrus to re-record his famous hit single with Caron’s name in it (he had to wire money to Jamaica so that the payment wouldn’t appear on the credit card statement…then Caron found the wire transfer receipt and Dan was nearly in deeeeeep trouble! But he talked his way out of it without ruining the surprise! ;)).  Now there is no better gift then that! Wow he had us at hello…… hahahaha nice move Dan!!!!!!

Watch out for a post on what these guys are up to these days…they’ve got a pretty spectacular little lady in their lives! 🙂

We “borrowed” these bikes from all over the island – too much fun!!

With great appreciation…

Photographer: Rebecca Davidsonwww.rebeccadavidson.com

Videographer: Aaron Rebarchek + Gary Hollins of Picture Thishttp://vimeopro.com/picturethisfilms/picture-this

Dress: Priscilla of Boston

Bridesmaids Dresses: Priscilla of Boston

Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo

Hair: Karen Harrold (of Mitchell Wade Salon)

Makeup: Stephanie Ford

Bouquet: Celebrations

Decor: Massive (these guys flew over absolutely everything!! They had 2 container loads of stuff – including all the knives, forks etc!!)

Cake: Ms Annie from Celebrations

Grooms Cake: Casava Cake thanks to mum 🙂 (Berna Cummins)

Cake Topper: Karen Harrold


Guitar Solo: Matt Shenk

Bride’s Gift Song: She’s Royal by Tarrus Riley

Venue: Southern Cross Club

Accommodation: Southern Cross Club, Conch Club, The Club


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