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The Joy of Light – L16

The art of the L16

Sometimes when you have a family session, you just forget for a moment you are working and capturing their family portrait. You get sucked into the ‘fabulousness’ of the moment and get excited, when you chase light all day and then all of a sudden it just happen… perfectly dancing right in front of you upon the waves…. and through the clouds… right in that perfect spot!fa

ISO 400   |  f14   |  1/80  |  80mm  |  Nidon D5

I had the pleasure of photographing this family this year and this portrait always stood out as one of my favourites because of the way the drama of the sky and ocean and light all played perfectly (in my humble opinion) in this shot. The dock is located in West Bay, which is also walking distance from my home, so we come here as a family and watch the sunset on many occasions, so it is a lovely calm location with lots of action with the locals too. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the location and backgrounds but really at the end of the day it is about capturing that love and emotion and you can capture that about anywhere…. just so happens West Bay dock is just pretty cool all around.

During this session I had asked the family to just head out to the end of the dock and dad just naturally starts leading the way. They didn’t know I was shooting this image and I think that is why I liked it the most. Totally unposed and unexpected.

Since I am always searching for new techniques, lighting, inspiration and new cameras and equipment to make my life as a photographer more exciting… I came across this gorgeous piece of equipment. It is called the Light L16 Camera . This camera is a compact camera, so perfect for ease, light weight and convenience and for capturing everything around you without lugging out the ‘gear’. So what so good about this camera, that a photographer might rave about? It actually uses multiple lens systems to shoot photos at the same time and then fuses them into one image. Wow! How can I get one? Well you can’t! They are sold out. But you can always get on their waiting list and they are building them for 2017.

Okay so whats the big deal? Traditional DSLR cameras create photos by detecting light passed through a SINGLE lens. The L16 captures light through many small apertures and many mirrors. This basically puts the quality of a DSLR (yep our big bulky cameras) into the palm of your hand.


Each scene captured by the Light L16 Camera is shot by up to 10 of 16 individual 28mm, 70mm and 150mm camera modules firing simultaneously. 52 megapixels in size. So how do I see some of these pictures?  L16 Picture Gallery , Gorgeous eh? So, will I get one of these cameras in 2017? I hope so? How nice to go on holiday or even out with your family and take amazing high quality photos without having to lug the gear. Wow yes please!

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A Poppet Studio Wedding

Aurelien and Rose become husband and wife | Spotts Beach Cayman Islands

Planner: Priscilla of The Poppet Studio

Decor and Styling: The Poppet Studio

Venue: Spott’s Public Beach

Officiant: Pastor Desmond Whittaker

Floral: The Flower Dell – Wax Flowers (Chamelaucium) 

Violinist: Kate Allenger

Cake: The Ritz- Carlton

Makeup and Hair: Stephanie Ford 

Chair Rentals: Massive 


I was so excited to work with Priscilla and be a part of a Poppet Studio Wedding on this wedding as the couple were so cute but also because the planning of this wedding was more unique than the traditional wedding. Let me introduce Priscilla ….

PRISCILLA: While this is not the first wedding I have planned it was the first that I planned completely via Texts,email, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp – you have got to LOVE technology today!!!

I first meet with the Aurelien, Rose and their bride’s maid Paola ( for whom I was also the wedding planner and coordinator) on Aug 27 2016, the day before they would travel to Thailand for a month long vacation with their families.

After a brief discussion with the couple it was apparent that this fun, young couple were going about this quiet differently: “honeymooning” before the wedding and a wedding before the official proposal.  I loved that they still referred to each other as boyfriend/girlfriend even moments before they exchanged their vows.


Why I love being a planner:

Watching as families, friends and even strangers come together to share in the joy and love being expressed by a couple warms my hearts.

Because Spotts Beach is a public beach, the couple were not entirely alone with their guests, as many families who enjoy the semi-private setting sat back to witness the beautiful exchange of vows…the children were seen giggling in the background as Aurelien and Rose sealed their union with a KISS! Yes I cried!!!  I’m a sucker for Happy Endings. 

Working with the Couple:

Aurelien and Rose were a joy to work with.  Their love story is like a modern day Disney movie waiting to be written ;). The couple loves Disney movies and we were excited to sneak in a few quotes from Bambi and The Incredibles and have them recognize them immediately.

Working with our local vendors:

The Cayman Islands is a melting pot for people, talents and services and the vendors were amazing in bringing this story to life.

Favourite moments from the wedding:

The Vows – what a heartfelt proclamation of their love.

I loved when the bride finally took her place to begin her walk down the aisle and she could take in all of the decor that she turned to me and expressed how much she loved it.  


A simple but elegant spread of canapes, displayed on a rustic table setting made of wood pallets were enjoyed as the couple and their guests mingled as the sun set. Twenty pallets were used to create the rustic table setting and center piece for the reception.  Blueberry infused lemonade and cold refreshments were set in a galvanized Metal Tub.

Aurelien and Rose envisioned an intimate and relaxed Rustic wedding and I absolutely loved planning every detail.  The couple choose to marry at Spott’s Public Beach and it offered the perfect intimate setting for their wedding.  

A custom pallet Welcome Sign, laser cut wood frames with the couples initials, shepherd hooks with mason jars filled with floral; all simple and elegant in their design added to the Rustic theme. 

We were delighted to work with Rebecca of Rebecca Davidson Photography – she is such a fun loving and down to earth person that I knew our couple would absolutely love her and LOVE her work as much as we do.


Handmade sign from our Wedding Series collection at The Poppet Studio

just_married_signinitials_hanging_on_treebabies_breathGuests loved the idea of leaving a message in a bottle for the couple to read at a later time.message_in_a_bpttlelittle_pieces_paper_for_guests_to_sign_at_weddingceremony_on_beachceremony_on_beach_poppet_studio_weddingjust_married_sign_poppet_studio_weddingvows_on_beaxhjust_married_poppet_studio_wedding

The romantic release of two sky lanterns was secretly orchestrated by Rose, the bride,  as a suprise for Aurelien

wish_lanternsbride_and_groom_in_neutral_coloursbride_and_groom_on_bikepoppet_studio_wedding_cayman_islands63_poppet_studio_weddingpoppet studio weddingpoppet_studio_wedding_night_timecake_by_ritz_poppet_studio_weddingpoppet studio wedding



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The Murphy Family and their Island Bump Session

I love photographing this family…. from the engagement session of Caron and Dan a few years ago when it was just the two of them, to the wedding in Little Cayman, Ruby their much adored boxer and then pregnancy sessions or what we call “Island Bump Session’s” and babies…. now about to welcome a third bundle of joy into their expanding family! 3 kids… who does that 🙂 …… I love your love!!!

xxx becs

We wanted to do most of the photos away from the beach this time and capture the island how it really is, with the local scenery it is not to hard to capture ‘local’s’ riding by on their bicycles as we capture the fun and laughter of this gorgeous fun family. The obvious love the two little ones have for each other was too cute as they cuddles and kissed and played the whole time.

Caron participated in an amazing fund raiser for cancer awareness, and the very next day after this photo session, cut off all her hair. The foundation she was working with is an incredible charity called St. Baldrick’s Hannah’s Heroes where so many volunteers “braved the shave” and raised money for this cause.

family in grass with old cayman house island bump sessionfamily photographers in the cayman islandsWe found this little grass road that led to the ocean and the light was so pretty so we jumped out the car to do some more shots on our way to capture the sun as it set on the beach.family photographers in the cayman islandsfamily walking in park in blue and green theme colouremotional family session outside in blues island bump sessionfamily photographers in the cayman islandspregnant mum with children island bump sessionpregnant mum with sonspinning son aroundchildren brother and sister holding handssister kisses brothermaternity family photographers in the cayman islandschildren hug and happy with new baby arrivingmaternity family photographers in the cayman islandswonderful late afternoon lightkids announce mum is having a babymaternity family photographers in the cayman islandsmaternity family photographers in the cayman islands

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Kelly + Derek

Grand Old House Wedding and South Bay Beach Club

Planner: Livia Grand Old House

Officiant: Breanna Olson (best friend)

Flowers: Roses

What City are you from: Stillwater Minnesota


I was so excited to be part of Kelly and Derek’s celebration for their Grand Old House Wedding in South Sound, Grand Cayman. The entire family were what was important with this celebration. From the proposal, to the choosing of the dress, the getting ready, the first look and the tying of the knot the four little ones were right in the thick of it. The couple tied the knot and actually had the 4 children each hold a strand.

brides dress and decor pinkfamily with 4 kids in pinkgetting ready pink bridesmaidsdress hanging on balcomy

The girls helped me pick it out.

getting readynight attire for wedding nightgetting ready lads in bathroomlittle bridesmaids in pinkfirst look girls in pinkcayman_wedding_caribbean_grand_old_house08_first look groom in navy kisses bridelittle bridesmaids in pinkbride and groom on dockwalking on dock with groom in navy blue suitkissing under coconut treekissing on dock with navy blue suitbride and groom on dockwalking on dock

I was so excited to bring our families together and become Derek’s wife.

flowers pink rosesplates and decor at grand old house weddinggroom in navy suit at grand old house

He had help from all the kids. We were getting ready for family picture and he had the kids write a note for me to come out to the living room where he picked rose petals from the garden and the kids were standing behind him holding “Will you marry me?” Each kid was holding a signing and he was in the middle on one knee holding the ring. When I said yes all the kids were jumping up and down screaming they were so excited.

hugging on coconut treebridemaids in pinklittle bridesmaids with braidswalking down aisle in navy blue for grand old house weddingsaying vows at grand old housetying the knot

We had a wonderful day with Rebecca. From the moment her and I connected via email I knew I wanted to work with her. She genuinely wanted to be there for our wedding and was excited for us. She gave us great advice and brought us to the most beautiful locations. We could have drove around the island with her all day! Shooting 4 kids had to be challenging and they didn’t complain because she made it fun for them.

saying vows at grand old house

Ed sheeran, Thinking out loud sung by my nephew.

young boy playing guitargroom in navy suitkissing the bridegroup shot on grand old house deck

The dance was the best! Everyone danced all night even though it was scorching hot! Afterwards we ended the night with everyone swimming in the ocean under the stars.

fun kissing shot of wedding at grand old house weddingfamily ties the knot

We love it!

sunset on grand old house rocksrocks iron shore caymanbride on ironshore rocks cayman islandsbride and groom in navy walk amongst coconut trees

It was joyful and emotional and fun!

flower girls hair and petals in hairsunset at grand old house

Let someone else plan it so you can relax and enjoy your wedding!

bride and groom in navy walking among coconut treesgroom in navy on beach with bride

Just be yourself and make the photographer a part of your wedding. Rebecca was so fun to be around and made us laugh and relax.

bride on pier


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